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Western Conglomerate is part of the Western Group of Companies and is the manufacturing and the trading arm of the company. It has been designed to focus mainly on Tea, Paper, Chemicals, Aluminium & Oil Exploration Industries. The objective of own production together with global sourcing with the full fledged back up infrastructure of “Logistics Management” has helped it to be a forerunner in all its  segments with a sizeable group turnover.

The company has the following functions under one roof

  • TEA: Tea Plantations, Tea Manufacturing, domestic sales as well as Exports producing over 2 million kgs of tea with company owned plantations spread over 2000 acres in north Bengal.
  • PAPER: Paper manufacturing including Kraft paper and Board at Alwar, Rajasthan producing roughly 1000 MT/month. The plant is undergoing expansion which will be completed by Q3, 2012 and will produce 50,000 MT/month thereby becoming the largest paper plant in Rajasthan.  
  • CHEMICALS: The company  is engaged in manufacturing of 2, 4-D Salts of different formulations along with other Herbicides & also other agricultural product such as Fungicides / Organic Manures / Organic Plant Growth Regulator.
  • TRADING: International Trading of Semi-fabricated & Extruded Products of Aluminium
  • Global Sourcing and Exim of Raw Materials for many industries and especially Aluminium Industry 

·         Oil Rigs at several locations

Western is a major player in all of its manufacturing spheres- be it Paper, Tea or Chemicals and is expanding in all three rapidly. With a clear focus on being in the top-three in each sphere that it operates, Westen Group is confident of meeting its goals with the help of its loyal customers, dedicated work force, professional mangement and world class suplliers.

Together with its stong manufacturing abilities, Wetern has built up an enviable position in the Aluminium and Oil sectors as a valued supplier, vendor and partner. The service rendered to customers in India and overseas with Western’s vast synchronized network of offices and  warehouses in major countries of the globe, has resulted in building up the reputation of being the single largest vendor in the Aluminium and Oil sector of India both in the private and Govt. of India undertakings.

The ability to comprehend the requirement of Aluminium and Oil Industries in India and translate the same in terms of physically delivering the goods by pre-financing, global sourcing and transportation has helped it to create a niche for itself. Close contacts with the key people in the Aluminium and Oil sector have been developed over the time, lends the competitive edge over other vendors ensuring that we are able to market our Principal’s products effectively.



Areas of Specialization


Import & Export of Raw Materials :

  • Indian Tea
  • Aluminium Fluoride
  • Coal Tar Pitch
  • Synthetic Cryolite
  • Calcined Petroleum Coke
  • Acid Grade Fluorspar
  • Casting Pipes And Tabulars
  • Bentonite Powder
  • Barytes
  • Paper Board

Trading of Sheet and Extruded Products in Aluminium :

  • Standard Sheet in Alloy
  • Extruded Sections in Alloy
  • Extruded Sections in Alloy
  • Aluminium Billets
  • Hot Rolled Coils
  • Cold Rolled Coils
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